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COVID-19 - Vista Foothill Dentistry
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We Are Open

Do not neglect your long-term medical and dental health care needs during these trying times of extended pandemic challenges.

As our nation’s health experts increase their understanding of the COVID-19 virus, our national and local governments react to surges and declines in COVID-19 cases with evolving lockdown regulations.

We at Vista Foothill Dentistry advise you to keep safe and follow recommended protocols for the benefit of yourself, your family, and our community.  With that said, other health concerns outside of COVID-19 continue as usual.  This means that health care providers, as essential businesses, can offer health care services during these lockdown periods.

Covid-19 and Vista Foothill Dentistry

Your dental health is more than just your friendly smile.  Regular check-ups, dental cleanings, and any recommended dental procedures are important to the continued health of your teeth and gums.  You will feel better, look better, and alleviate at least one worry.

We have taken thorough precautions to ensure that your safety is in compliance with the federal, state, and local health requirements.  We have made these additions minimally intrusive so that your experience will remain exceptional and safe, as you have come to expect from us.

Here is a list of safety measures that we have taken at Vista Foothill Dentistry to reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19:

  • Our office and staff are in compliance with the California Department of Public Health guidance, Health Officer of the County of San Diego orders, and American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and San Diego County Dental Society recommendations for best practices.
  • We have posted the mandatory signage of our Safe Reopening Plan front and center at the office entrance.
  • We complete a pre-appointment/tele-dentistry questionnaire with all patients 48-72 hours prior to all visits.
  • Any staff and patients are redirected from our practice if they are sick, have had recent contact with a COVID-19 positive person, show symptoms or are feeling the early onset of any flu-like symptoms.
  • Face coverings are worn full-time by our staff while in our practice.  Patients are required to wear face coverings in our practice except during their check-up, cleaning, or any dental procedure.
  • All staff members are fully equipped with personal protective equipment including N95/KN95 respirators, surgical masks, surgical caps, loupes, face shields, protective gowns, surgical gloves, and other infection-control equipment.
  • Our Social Distancing Protocol limits the number of patients inside our practice at any one time to a 1:1 ratio with staff members.  We always maintain a six-foot distance between staff members as well as minimize each patient’s stay time inside the office to focus on needed dental services.
  • Patients are asked to remain outside our office, usually in their cars, until their treatment room is ready for their dental services.
  • An elegant glass shield sneeze guard is installed at the front office counter to safeguard staff-to-patient interactions.
  • Hand sanitizer stations and soap & water are readily available throughout our practice.
  • We follow our Sanitation Protocol with routine cleaning and disinfecting procedures appropriate for SARS-CoV-2 and other SARS type viruses in all areas, including those patient-care rooms where aerosol-generating procedures are performed.
  • Our office is equipped with an IQAir HealthPro Plus HyperHEPA Filtration System that is tested and certified to effectively filter 99.5% of harmful ultrafine pollution particles down to 0.003 microns in size.  This is 100 times smaller than what is achieved with ordinary air filtration technology and 10 times smaller than a virus.  Moreover, the Hong Kong Government tested multiple air filtration systems and the IQAir Filtration System was selected by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority to help fight against SARS in 2003.

Especially during these stressful and challenging times, look after your overall health care needs.  And don’t forget that a smile connects us and bonds us with others, so remember to take care of yourself and schedule regular check-ups and cleanings.

We are open for you and your family, and are here to continue providing the excellent dental care that you have always come to expect.

We Put Smiles on People’s Faces.

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